What Members Say

I was pleased to see the Director Generals of Health Canada and Environment Canada open the session describing and complementing our paint industry sector strategy on vinyl acetate as a best practice model for industry and government collaboration. HC and EC noted this as the only time an assessment has been changed after publication so this is a big win that proves the effectiveness of the new CPCA we have built together.Beauti-Tone Paint and Home Products

Congratulation for making the industry case so well that the decision was revisited and changed. It really is a testament to the work that can be accomplished.KelCoatings

What a fantastic outcome. This represents a ton of confidence in our industry and more specifically our association, its direction and our leadership! The Duha Group

The voice we achieved with federal decision makers - and the respect they clearly paid to the CPCA - is testament to the growth and success our organization has achieved.” Home Hardware Stores Ltd.

The CPCA is doing a wonderful job with keeping up with the various regulatory changes that affect the paint and coatings industry.  The information provided has been very useful.AkzoNobel 

Your analysis and understanding of the regulatory and political process really opened some eyes. You were 'spot on' in everything you predicted. I think this really sends the message to those that aren't currently members of the CPCA that they should get on board.LV Lomas