Top 10 Reasons to Join the CPCA

  1. A voice in determining sector positions on industry-critical regulations and in developing future regulations;
  2. A role shaping product stewardship programs;
  3. Influence in industry committee meetings on critical sector issues;
  4. Opportunities to help industry comply with new regulations, legislation and government policy;
  5. Opportunities to meet Canadian legislators and regulatory officials face-to-face to discuss important issues, and to engage in grassroots advocacy and lobbying campaigns;
  6. Access to industry-targeted, twice-a-month news on sector issues, regulations and legislation;
  7. Access to key sector statistics on industry’s performance;
  8. Access to the CPCA’s bulletin alert system on issues of immediate importance;
  9. Access to CPCA documents employing scientific evidence and analysis in support of science-based decisions;
  10. Critical training opportunities for your staff;

And access to networking and business partnership opportunities.