CPCA—Protecting the Environment



CPCA is committed to protecting the environment and enhancing human health and quality-of-life through the responsible formulation, production and sale of high-quality, safe products.

CPCA and Its Members Demonstrate Commitment to Sustainability

CPCA's sectoral approach to chemical management has been recognized by government and industry alike as one of the first effective sectoral approaches to chemical management in Canada. The CPCA, Health Canada and Environment Canada created the Paint and Coatings Working Group (PCWG), which meets regularily to share scientific knowledge and perspectives on sector products. The CPCA and industry regard the PCWG’s sectoral approach as beneficial to members, the sector, the environment and the health of Canadians.

CPCA Sustainability Policy

Canadian paint manufacturers were early adopters of the circular economy.

CPCA supports a policy of sustainability that meets the business objectives of its member companies, while preserving the health and safety of its workers and protects human health and the environment. The industry seeks to minimize its impact on the environment and enhance public health and safety through the responsible use of natural resources, as well as the adoption of pollution prevention, waste minimization, risk management and product stewardship practices throughout the value chain.

A report by the Canadian Council of Ministers on the Environment (CCME) noted the impressive efforts on paint recycling: “There is only one product category that is consistently well-covered across the country by regulations (either EPR or product stewardship) with programs operating province-wide to divert materials from landfill, and that is used paint.” (Key Elements of EPR and Product Stewardship Programs in Canada, CCME, February 2016)

PaintCare™ represents the paint industry’s commitment to environmentally sound and cost-effective, end-of-life management for leftover paint, which is fully funded by the producers (100 per cent).

PaintCare™ was an early adopter of a circular economy approach for leftover, postconsumer paint. Product stewardship is a product-centred approach to environmental protection. It calls on those in the product lifecycle—manufacturers, retailers, users, and disposers—to share responsibility for reducing the environmental impacts of products.

Product manufacturers in the coatings industry strive to ensure their products and packaging create the least impact on human health and the environment while remaining functional and cost-effective for the consumer.

PaintCare™ is a market-based product stewardship program that: reduces environmental impacts and needed resources for production; reuses recycled content and packaging; recycles leftover paint resources. It seeks to increase acceptance of all three tools for efficient waste reduction and responsible resource recovery.

Product Stewardship is NOT a principle for merely shifting the cost burden for a product’s end-of-life management to producers. Producers establish end-of-life management programs for their products by financing and operating their own private, market-based systems.

CPCA Members Lead the World in Post-consumer Paint Recycling

CPCA members have worked closely with several organizations to ensure compliance with stewardship regulations wherever they exist in Canada. The industry recovered approximately 26 million kilograms of leftover paint in Canada in 2015, which continues to increase annually. This further demonstrates the industry's ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.