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Did you know? Post-consumer paint recycling is now in every province in Canada.


Prime Time News

Now available to the public, Prime Time News is a monthly electronic newsletter that provides readers with a reliable source of municipal, provincial, federal and international news chosen for its interest to our industry. It also updates readers on technological breakthroughs, general corporate business news and on events of immediate interest and impact on our industry’s business activities.

Current issue: January 2018

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Recent Items Addressed in Regulatory News (For Members Only)

  • Proposed Federal Amendment to Reinstate the Use of CBI Concentration Ranges in WHMIS 2015 Hazardous Products Regulations Now Being Challenged by Labour Groups: Industry Formally Responds to Health Canada
  • CPCA Working with Pest Management Regulatory Agency Officials on “Cluster Analysis” of Paint Preservatives Set for Risk Evaluation in 2018-2022
  • CPCA to Work Jointly with Pest Management Regulatory Agency on Compliance with Treated Articles
  • CPCA Gathered Information on Copper Compound Uses in Canadian Paint and Adhesives Products
  • CPCA Automotive Refinish Council Addresses VOC Emissions Reduction Scenario Expected from Metro Vancouver’s Proposed By-law 1086
  • Government Publishes Updated Two-year Rolling Plan for Phase 3 of Chemicals Management Plan
  • Information Disseminated to Members on Federal Asbestos Regulations Targeting the Import, Manufacture and Sale of Products Containing Asbestos
  • Government to Consult Industry in 2018 on Implementation of Aspects of Recommendations from the Parliamentary Environment Standing Committee Report on CEPA Review
  • Consultation on First Phase of Transition for Packaging and Printing Paper Management for Ontario Producers

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