Fast Facts

The CPCA is pleased to respond to queries from consumers and others. Here are some common questions:

Can I use outdoor paint indoors?

Products made only for outdoor use do not usually suit indoor use. Unless an outdoor paint’s label says it can be applied indoors, it should be used only outdoors.

What special precautions should I take when applying paint?

When applying paint inside, ensure that there is adequate ventilation. Windows and doors should be opened, particularly if the paint is solvent-based. In fact, ensuring maximum air ventilation in the work area during application and drying is the most important factor in indoor painting.

Where can I find consumer tips?

You can go to the websites of our member companies or consult other sources, such as Master Painters Institute, Paint Quality Institute or

Can you send me a list of your members?

See our list of member companies.

What are the issues with lead in paint?

Lead is no longer used in paint. To review the history of lead in paint and information dealing with paint that may contain lead, see Old Lead Paint and Your Family's Health.

What paint should I use?

Paints are formulated and mixed for a great many purposes. To learn the right paint for a project, you can seek the advice of a knowledgeable paint retailer or professional painting contractor.

For information about paints, consult:

Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) 

Public Works and Government Services Canada's National Master Specification (NMS)

Master Painters Institute

MPI Specifications Manual

Canadian Painting Contractors' architectural : painting specification manual 


What should I do with leftover household paint?

Review the alternatives in our Managing Leftover, Post-Consumer Paint page.

What is paint made of?

Review the answers in our What You Can Expect to Find in Paint page.

Where can I find a list of companies that sell specific types of paint and coatings, raw materials and/or manufacturing and finishing equipment?

Please refer to Coatings Magazine's Buyers' Guide or search the Internet using the following terms:

Paint and Coatings Raw Materials

Paint and Coatings Manufacturing Equipment

Industrial Finishing Equipment

Industrial Paint and Coatings and Finishing Materials