CPCA Industry Awards Program

The CPCA has several industry awards that recognize the outstanding contributions made by its members. Nominations are currently being accepted for all three categories. The awards are presented each year at CPCA's Annual Conference. Here is a brief description of each award and a list of the past recipients.

Download the nomination form for the 2018 CPCA Industry Awards


This award replaced the Chairman’s Award in 2005. It is awarded annually to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the association. The individual is still very active in the industry and in CPCA. Only one individual is the recipient of the award from the Chairman of the Board.

Roy Kennedy BASF Canada Inc. 1984
Jim Hanson Sterling Inc. 1985
Bill MacInnis Interlab Paints Inc.     1986
Ken Howes  C-I-L Paints Inc. 1987
Bill Levy  Esso Chemical Inc. 1988
Joe Sobie   Benjamin Moore & Co.  1989
Doug Thiemann  DeSoto Coatings Inc.  1990
Gilles Beauchamp   Sico Inc.     1991
John Morrell Nacan Products Inc. 1992
Wink Vogel Cloverdale Paint Inc.  1993
Larry Seeley ICI Paints Inc.   1994
Kathy Sabo Color Your World  1995
Mark Bernstein Phillips Paint Ltd. 1996
Dave Stock  Stochem Inc.  1997
Ed Stratton Matchless Paints Inc.  1998
Don Warren  Para Paints Inc.    1999
Ron Hoare  Benjamin Moore & Co. 2000
Susan Peterson ICI Paints Inc.  2001
Dieter Merk Bayer Inc.  2002
Benoit Venne  L.V. Lomas Ltd. 2003
Janet Lamb  A.R. Monteith Inc.   2004
Doug Thiemann Home Hardware Stores Ltd. 2005
Brian Palardy  Benjamin Moore & Co.     2006
Micheline Foucher  CPCA 2007
Rick Duha  Duha Color Services Inc.  2008
Brian Edwards DuPont Performance Coatings 2009
Sharon Kelly KelCoatings Ltd.   2010
Jim Quick  Former CPCA President 2011
Darrin Noble  Home Hardware Stores 2012
Dale Constantinoff  General Paint 2013
Mike Klein  Dominion Colour Corporation 2014
Mark Kurschner Product Care Association 2015
André Buisson Société Laurentide Inc. 2016
Andy Doyle American Coatings Association 2017


This award is presented to an individual or an organization that has demonstrated exceptional achievement in advancing the interests of the industry and/or the association. Achievement may have been demonstrated in the areas of long-term sector sustainability, stewardship and environmental practices, impact on the regulatory framework as well as other relevant areas of contribution.  It is not mandatory to bestow the award on an annual basis. Candidates will be considered on the occasion of receiving nomination and meeting the criteria. Candidates may or may not be members of CPCA.

Bertrand Goudreault Eco-Peinture  2010
Wink Vogel Product Care  2010
Dick Glassford General Paint   2013
Alex Drody Cloverdale Paint   2014
Terry Sutherland PPG Industries Canada Inc.  2014
Bryon Brideau BASF Canada 2015
Robert Fierheller PPG Canada 2015
Doug Parsons Home Hardware – Beauti-Tone Paint 2015
Michael Butler BEHR Process Corporation 2016
Patrick S. Gieske Valspar Corporation 2016
Laura Johnston Axalta Coating Systems Canada 2016
Vince Rea PPG Canada Inc. 2016
Barry Cupp Sherwin-Williams 2017
Errol Bonaventura Inortech / Emco 2017
Sheri Oberle Akzo Nobel 2017


This award is presented to an individual who has made a continued, long term contribution to the association at the national or local level. This individual has recently retired or is near retirement. One or several individuals may be the recipient(s) of this award as decided by the Board of Directors. 

Alun Morris L.V. Lomas Limited 1984
Phil Sheps Phillips Paint  
Jack Schimnowski Western Paint  
Doug Wood PPG Canada Inc.  
Bob Hicks Benjamin Moore & Co. Ltd 1985
Cyril Shore Tioxide Canada  
Ken Smith DuPont Canada Inc.  
Frank Borrelle FSCT 1986
Lloyd Lomas L.V. Lomas Ltd.  
Jack McWade BASF Canada Inc.  
Bob Tibbetts Tibbetts Paints  
Bill Collier Onex Packaging  
Kevin Edgar Canadian Decorating Products Association 1987
Eric Irving Home Hardware Stores  
Jack Donachey C-I-L Paints 1988
Gord Honsberger DeSoto Coatings  
Monty Palmer Coatings Magazine  
Al McDonald Huls Canada 1989
Bob Folkard LaClede Color Cards  
Michael Levete Paintmakers Association of Great Britain  
Allen Cooke Cooke Chemicals 1990
Florent Paquet Nacan Products  
Guy Wilkins Tioxide Canada  
Jim Hanson Sterling 1991
Ian McEwan ICI Autocolor  
Paul Parent Sico Inc.  
Vagn Pedersen Tioxide Canada  
Fred Pinard Rohm and Haas  
Ken Alcock C-I-L 1992
Bob Burt Huls Canada  
Rick Duha, Sr. Duha Color  
Art Roos ICI Paints  
Gilles Beauchamp Sico Inc. 1993
Bill Giffen DuPont Canada  
Dave Findlay DuPont Canada 1994
Jim McGoogan Reichhold Limited  
Bill Russell L.V. Lomas Ltd 1995
Jerry Castiglia Pratt & Lambert 1996
Hanns Lentze CEPE  
Derryck Wyles PPG Canada Inc.  
Joe Sobie Benjamin Moore & Co. Ltd.  1997
Mark Bernstein Phillips Paint 1998
Moe Malone Recochem  
Deryk Pawsey PPG Canada Inc.  
John Susko BASF Canada Inc.  
Barry Kay Coatings Magazine 1999
Réal Lussier BASF Canada Inc.  
Robert Nomura Para Paints Inc.  
Alex Silcock Degussa Huls Inc.  
Gerry Chalmers Benjamin Moore & Co. Ltd. 2000
Steve Fryzuk Rohm and Haas Canada Inc.  
Howard Goodman Selectone Paints Inc.  
Marvin Rheault Kronos Canada Inc.  
Jim Barton DuPont Canada Inc. 2001
Geoff Fage Canada Colors Corp.  
Ed Stratton Matchless Group Inc.  
Wink Vogel Cloverdale Paints Inc. 2002
Paul Iverson Product Care  
Ben Gonsko ICI Paints Inc.  
Karin David CPCA 2003
Roy Kennedy KelCoatings Ltd  
David Stock Stock Solutions  
Rob Eadie DuPont Canada Inc. – Chemicals 2004
Ron Hoare Para Inc.  
Robert Mitchell DeGussa Canada Inc.  
Peter Pritchard L.V. Lomas Limited  
Doug Wharry Crown Metal Packaging Canada Inc.  
No awards awarded   2005
Paul Soulière BASF Canada Inc. 2006
Jeff Harrison PPG Canada Inc.  
Denis Blanchette Sico Inc. 2007
Brian Palardy Benjamin Moore & Co. Ltd.  
Doug Thiemann Home Hardware Stores Ltd.  
Lorne Brown Kronos Canada 2008
Benoit Venne L.V. Lomas Ltd.  
Bruce Henderson DuPont Performance Coatings 2009
Paul Marriott DuPont Performance Coatings 2010
Peter Marr Dominion Colour 2011
Susan Peterson AkzoNobel 2012
Jim Edwards Home Hardware  
Yvon Savaria AkzoNobel  
Valerie Tunstall DuPont Performance Coatings 2013
Mike Livermore Valspar  
Madelyn Harding Sherwin-Williams 2014
Brian Edwards DuPont Performance Coatings 2015
Ian Goodwin Hunstman Tioxide  
Jim Leamen L.V. Lomas Limited  
Martin Menard Celanese  
Robert Fierheller PPG Canada Inc. 2016
Gilles Lussier Chemours  
Deborah Moilanen AkzoNobel   
Debbie Nucciarone PPG Canada Inc.  
Richard St-Onge Peintures MF 2017
Stu Eaton Cloverdale Paint