Diploma in Coatings Technology

Think E-learning - a flexible training solution!

CPCA is pleased to offer the Diploma in Coatings Technology to students in Canada and around the world. Over the past 100 years, these courses have been continually updated and available to those working in the industry in order to provide a solid foundation in coatings technology. There have been more than 800 recent graduates of the program. It is now online for your convenience. 

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Work at your own pace with easy-to-use computer-based training to gain the knowledge you need today to advance your career in the coatings industry.

Receive valuable training at your convenience with online courses available in three areas: theoretical concepts, industrial paint applications and sales and marketing. By completing these courses, you’ll find:

  • Job enrichment as part of your life-learning; 
  • A pathway to promotion;
  • The ability to excel professionally;
  • A cost-effective way to upgrade your status in the industry; 
  • Training today that could save your company time and money tomorrow; and 
  • E-learning creates increased trainee retention and production.

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Course Outline and Costs

Each of the three online courses consists of 14 sessions, of which 12 are actual lectures, and two are examinations. The cost is $550 + HST per course and includes a downloadable textbook for each lesson. The classes are available exclusively online. We now offer a special discount price of $300 + HST per course for our member companies. For more information, email Micheline Foucher or call us at 613-231-3604.
Here is a synopsis of the three separate semesters or courses offered through CPCA’s Diploma in Coatings Technology. Take one course to address the areas you need, as noted below, or finish all three and earn a diploma! 


Updating Your General Industry Knowledge 

This general course is designed to provide the theoretical basics of coatings technology for young people who are just entering the industry, or those who have been working in the industry for some time, but want to upgrade their status in the industry by earning a Diploma in Coatings Technology.
The chemistry, manufacturing and testing of raw materials are discussed in this course, with an emphasis on how these products are delivered to the coatings industry and the choices available to the formulating chemists. The following topics are covered:
  • Chemistry for Organic Coatings, Oils and Varnishes/Alkyd Resins;
  • Epoxy, Phenolics and Silicone Resins;
  • Acrylics, Urethanes and Cellulosics;
  • Solvents, Waterborne Resins and Emulsions and Coatings Additives; and
  • White, Extender, Organic, Black and Inorganic Pigments.
Industrial Paint Applications
In view of the complexity of most industrial coatings, the course is recommended for industrial paint applicators who need to be able to appreciate the composition, performance capabilities and handling of the products they purchase and use.
The lectures in this course cover the following topics:
  • Review of Resins for Industrial Coatings;
  • Corrosion and Surface Preparation and Primers;
  • Pigments, Dispersion and Equipment;
  • Automotive Coatings (OEM) and Automotive Refinish Coatings;
  • Coil, General Industrial and Powder Coatings;
  • Environmental and Government Regulations;
  • Application Methods and Equipment (Powder and Liquid); and
  • Statistical Process and Quality.
Sales and Marketing
This course is designed for those working in a non-technical role, such as the purchasing of raw materials, production scheduling or sales or marketing, and those who may not be interested in obtaining a diploma. These candidates do not need to sit for the examinations and may enroll in only one course to gain expertise in a subject of particular interest to them.
The focus of this course is how the raw materials in paint and coatings are used to formulate various types of protective and decorative coatings. The selection of materials, testing and manufacturing of trade sales paints are explored through the following topics:
  • Review of Trade Sales Paint Resins and Coatings Calculations;
  • Dispersion Process and Equipment and Pigments and Tinting Systems;
  • Instrumental Colour Matching;
  • Special Formulating Know-how;
  • Manufacturing Methods and Exterior Durability; and
  • Quality Control.