Benefits of Membership

Helping You Stay Ahead of the Curve

The business environment of the chemicals sector is changing rapidly with advancements in technology and changes in the way we, as an industry, interact with the government. Companies are adopting new health and environment practices while governments are hard at work in these areas, developing new programs and policies, as well as new laws and regulations.

As the recognized voice of the paint and coatings industry in Canada, CPCA helps its members stay ahead of the curve on critical issues impacting their business. The association contributes to the regional and national success of its members through the delivery of value-added services in critical areas as both an ally and an advocate.

In its work with governments, CPCA employs activist government relations and issue management strategies in programs that reflect business imperatives. CPCA also works closely with the American Coatings Association on key trans-border issues, especially in the regulatory field, with a view to effective alignment for multinational companies operating in both Canada and the United States and around the world. Many of CPCA's members are global enterprises and distributors.

Through improved technical investigation, case preparation based on sound science and strategic sector analysis, CPCA seeks to create regulatory and policy frameworks that allow governments to meet environmental objectives and help industry meet business objectives.

As a CPCA member, you will play an active role in your industry by:

  • Helping influence the development of environmental and other industry related regulations;
  • Helping shape product stewardship programs;
  • Taking part in industry committees on critical sector issues; and
  • Expressing industry concerns in formal and informal settings with Canada's legislators and regulators, as well as the public at large. If we don't advocate for our industry, who will?

CPCA membership offers exclusive access to a broad range of innovative programs and services, including:

  • Updates of the latest industry news with must-read publications on sector issues, regulations and legislation, and sector statistics;
  • Valuable insight and notifications on key industry issues, such as the Chemicals Management Plan, VOC regulatory activities and compliance, sustainability and product stewardship, GHS implementation, etc. 
  • Online training opportunities for your staff;
  • Unique networking events;
  • Volunteering opportunities with our technical committees; and much more.

Stronger Together

CPCA membership provides a unique opportunity for companies to influence the shape of the industry in which they do business, whether as a manufacturer, supplier, distributor or an affiliated business. If you don’t shape it, someone else will shape it for you. 

Join today by contacting CPCA.

Paying CPCA Dues

CPCA calculates its members' dues on the basis of Canadian sales, prorating for memberships of six to 12 months (six months is the minimum dues rate). Manufacturers dues are invoiced quarterly. Supplier/Distributor dues are invoiced annually. Only you, our President and our Director, Administration and Member Services, will know the annual dues your company pays. CPCA upholds its competition policy as required by competition law thereby ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of each member's proprietary information.